Join us – FAQ


Is it necessary to organise a first visit to verify that my house meets the requirements to participate?

No. Full-electricity and an internet connection are the only requirements.


Is participation free?

It is entirely free.


How much electricity will the equipment consume in my home?

The transmitter is powered by AA battery with at least a 2-yearlifespan. The gateway consumes almost nothing: the power adapter runs with 5V and 300mA so it is around 13 kWh a year (equivalent to €1 worth of additional consumption per year).


Will houses using renewable energy (solar thermal for hot water) be able to participate in the project?

No, because it is difficult to monitor water heating in such case.


When can I see the game?

We will release a short demo in early 2016.


Does participating in this project commit me to anything?

You will have to perform four simple tasks:

Agree to be interviewed a few times during the experimentation.

Take care of the sensors and the materials.

Provide all the required information (information on the household, electricity bills…).

You will have to connect at least twice a month to the web platform


The GreenPlay team will be there to help you with all your questions if you need support with these tasks.


Do I have to be involved in the project until the end?

We hope you will not stop you participation in the project because we need your involvement until the end of the project. Nevertheless, in case of force majeure, or if you move out for instance, you will be allowed to unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe if we do not deliver on our commitments as specified in the agreement


How will the game and platform work?

The platform will provide you with the following information:

  • Your electricity consumption every day, during the night, when you are not at home, with your heating…
  • Advice to save energy according to your profile and electricity use.
  • Challenges to adopt responsible behaviour through comparison, goals and mini-games.

Finally, the platform will enable encouraging the whole family through a social game.


Am I going to save energy for sure?

If you follow our instructions, we are 100% sure you will save energy! Actual savings will depend on your commitment in the game.



What equipment will be installed?

We will install three sensors in your fuse box connected to a transmitter, a temperature sensor and a wireless gateway connected to your internet router.


When and how will the sensors be installed in my home?

Your sensors will be installed by an electrician specialist by September 2016 once your home is selected and you sign the agreement. Installation takes 30-60 minutes.


How long will the equipment remain in my home?

After the end of the project, the equipment will be gradually uninstalled until November.


When will the energy audit be performed?

The audit should be performed together with the installation. If for some reason this is not possible, a second visit will be required.


Who will verify that the equipment is working properly?

Our team will check if everything works. If not, you will be informed and we will resolve any issues that come up.


What happens if the equipment fails, stops sending data…?

You may be asked to change batteries in case we experience communication issues. However, the equipment has been designed to require no maintenance under normal operating conditions.


Is it possible to repair the equipment in case of failure?

Depending on the type of problem, you may be able to fix it yourself. In case the repairs require a technician, we will reach out to you to schedule the work. As noted above, we expect these cases to be extremely rare.


What happens if the equipment is damaged?

Damaged equipment will not be replaced.


What happens if I replace/purchase appliances during the project that change my electricity consumption?

All you need to do is inform us of the change, and we will take care of the rest.



What kind of information (electrical consumption, habits, personal information …) do I need to provide on the platform?

Previous electricity consumption, floor area, number of occupants, and other personal data will be requested. During the experimentation, questions may be asked about your lifestyle to better understand your electricity use and give you personalised advice.

We will send you a precise list of the data we require at the beginning of the demonstration.


How will the data be collected? How long will it take?

We will use two methods of data collection:

  • Data collected during audit / sensor installation,
  • Data transferred by the users themselves or by the lessors.
  • Data collection will be continuous throughout the duration of the experimentation.


Will my personal data be protected on the platform?

Absolutely. No personal data will be displayed without your prior consent.


Will other users be able to see the consumption of my home?

No. But you will be able to compare your consumption with your friends or neighbours if you want to.


Do I have to connect to the platform every day?

No. You just have to connect to the platform at least twice a month.

However, we recommend you connect as often as possible – your savings depend on it.



When can I start playing?

You will be able to start playing in September 2016 even though the equipments are installed much earlier.


Will the platform have games for children?

Yes, some of our games will be recommended for players 7 and up.


How long / often must I play a week?

That is entirely up to you. Consider that your commitment to the game and the platform will result in savings. However, a serious game, if it enables training and behaviour changes, should also remain an entertaining tool for the whole family.



Will I have to return the equipment once the project is finished?

Yes –our technicians will schedule a visit to remove it.


Will the platform be maintained after the end of the project?

Yes – this is a requirement by the European Commission, but we actually think it is common sense.

All tools created during the project (advice generator, platform, game) will thus be maintained and available to new users

You will be able to connect for free to the platform and to access the data recorded during the project. However, in order to keep monitoring your data in real time, you will have to buy equipments.